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Are you in need of sensors repair? Call our company for garage door opener services! We excel in the installation and maintenance of electric operators

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The best garage door spring repair services by knowledgeable, expert technicians

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Trouble with your Lift master clicker? Trust our security plus experts

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Welcome to Garage Door Repair Novi website! We are glad you stopped by. We are a company serving many homes and commercial buildings in Novi and surroundind cities. We serve Southfield, Northville, Blomfield Hills, Farmington Hills , Livonia and nearby cities in Michigan.

What started some years ago as a dream has been expanding since then. Basically we realized that many houses and stores still have garage doors that are noisy, outdated and unpractical. It is not uncommon to hear the complaints that the garage door isn’t working right and that you should get a new one. Well, why not? What happens is that when you bought your house the garage door was still probably updated for that time, but some years have passed and now what was once practical and new is now old and unreliable. Old garage doors are aesthetical and inefficient and may result in accumulated expenses down the line. To avoid these unnecessary expenses, the advice of a professional is very important. Garage Door Repair Novi comes with a team of talented and professional individuals who will study your case closely and advice you with the best solution.

Perhaps your garage door just needs some adjustments. Perhaps you need to get a new one. Each case is a different and unique case and as professionals we do not generalize. We are here to assist you in your specific case and we do not apply generalized solutions to all of our clients. We know that each one of them has specific requests and concerns.

The professionalism you encounter at Garage Door Repair Novi is by far once of the best in the region. We are proudly expanding in time, as a business but also as a community based company. We care about our community and we want to deliver to it high quality services and products. Quality is important to us and clients satisfaction even more. Basically we create long term relationships with our clients because we do care about helping them in getting the solutions to their problems.

Several points are important in choosing the best service to you and your family. It is important to choose a company that to you is reliable and trustworthy, this reliability can be tested by the way a company assists you and delivers a solution that is exclusively made for you and your problem. Accommodating your requests is the main purpose of our company and we strive day and night to do it well. Your feedback is very important and we take it seriously. We want to see you satisfied with the service and products you get. Also it is very important to choose a company that has in consideration time / cost / efficiency in their mind while assisting you. It is not only a matter of how much it will cost a service, it is also how long will it take to be done and if it is of good quality or not. At Garage Door Repair Novi we can proudly say that we have the best time / cost / efficiency rates of the market. Also we are experts in customize your requests in the best way possible. This means, if you navigate our website and you do not have the garage door solution you are seeking for you can contact us and within 24 hours we will reply to you. If you are more of a fast paced person than the phone number at the top of this page is your best friend. Give us a call, tell us your problem and we will tell you how to solve it.

We offer several services and products. In our website you can find descriptions about each one of them, however we will be glad to customize an order for you and your needs, all you really need to know is tell us about it. Whether you are seeking for a commercial or industrial garage door repair service, you ca count on us to help you out. We are specialist in professional garage doors installation, services and repair. Also we are experts in openers installation, services and repair. Whatever the problem, we have the solution. Let us assist you!


Perhaps you do not know that the upgrade of your garage door can be one of the most cost efficiency renovations you can ever make. If you replace your basic door with an upgraded garage door you can get back in return more than 80% of the initial cost. This is very time effective and the good side of it is that garage doors last a long time. Just as much as your garage door has been lasting for all these years the new one will do it if not even more.

Garage Door Repair Novi is locally owned, serving the community you are a part of. This is not only a good indication of our commitment to this town but also a great incentive for you to check with your neighbors and locals and infer about our services and products. We work with you in mind. From garage door common repairs, to removal, to installation, you can count on us. Do you need parts to repair your garage door? Or perhaps it just needs some tweaking, contact us, we can help and fast.

In our fast paced society and way of living nowadays we forget many times that maintenance is very important special in house matters. Then one day things break and we wonder why, failing to realize we did not give to them the correct maintenance they needed. Several problems may have you facing a reality you did not think would happen. Imagine a broken spring? Broken garage door cables? Damaged panel? They may happen during the evening and how will you repair out of the blue? It is is common that we do not have garage door parts at home just in case… that is just not the case and to speak frankly we all believe our garage doors are going to last forever, but when an incident happen you need to have handy the phone number of a specialized company to help you out. Why?

  1. You want to solve the problem as soon as possible, for safety and security
  2. You want to pay the least amount possible for a good reliable service
  3. You want to know the garage door is not going to break in a short period of time
  4. You want a high quality service and product
novi mi garage door repair free estimate

These factors are very easy to grasp at when we are relaxed knowing that all is well but when an incident happens you have no time to wisely choose the best company to give a call to. Studies show that we tend to choose the first ones that show us because when facing a problem , our mind is focused in having it solved as soon as possible and so unconsciously we choose without rationalizing our own choice. It happens with you, with me, with everyone, we all operate in similar ways when we need to take fast action.

To avoid making a wrong choice, we advice you to get to know our company, to come and visit us, talk with us and understand what we are about. This way we get to know you too, your concerns, questions and what you are looking for.

You can trust us, our team of trained specialists are looking forward to assist you. We choose carefully between many candidates who want to join our team. Why do they want to join our team?

  1. We are a growing company, expanding at every year
  2. We are committed to quality
  3. We know about our field
  4. We are constantly accommodating customer’s feedback in our service.
  5. We are fast problem solvers
  6. Our company is community oriented
  7. We have some of the best products
  8. We offer a good service focused on the client
  9. We are specialists
  10. We welcome change, updates and upgrades.

You have the chance to navigate our website and read about the different products and services we offer. It is common though that we do not see what we are looking for many times, and that is why we are focused on customized solutions and services that is simply serving you and your family as the unique person and family you are. Speaking of family, checkout a gate repair company who is part of our family!

Take a look, cruise around and let us know of any question you might have, also please call us if you have an emergency or if you are planning a strategized upgrade of your garage door, and nevertheless please email if you have not so urgent questions or concerns.

Garage Door Repair Novi MI


Honesty and integrity are values we believe in and we input them in everything we do, so expect great service at a reduced cost and in a timely manner. Garage Door Repair Novi welcomes you into our ever growing community!

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